Are you prepared for your pet’s care in a disaster or evacuation?

I love animals and pets and I am sometimes more aware of natural hazards as an earth scientist than other people. Combine the two and you get pet emergency preparedness.

I’d been planning a post about this, and in light of our recent Mw 4.8 earthquake in Victoria (which I admit scared me!), I thought it was a good time to post about this. Getting pet first aid certified and living near a plate boundary has definitely made me more aware of what to do for my pet in case of emergency. In fact, I will openly admit my pet first aid kit is better than my human one!

No matter where you live, some kind of natural disaster could hit. Whether its an earthquake, tornado, blizzard, volcanic eruption, flood or a hurricane, you should always be prepared. Prepare an emergency kit and an evacuation plan for yourself and your family. It pays to prepare for these things, and maybe you have.

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